1, the product under normal use (follow the use of) the occurrence of spare parts damage, luggage wheel life-long warranty, other parts from the date of purchase within 1 year warranty, free replacement; scooter screws, safety calipers, T and other parts from 1 day from the date of purchase Warranty, free replacement; replacement of the above accessories you need to bear the cost of transportation.

2, the natural wear and tear of the product, the external conditions caused by abnormal, improper assembly, improper use, overload, driving in abnormal roads and other human factors caused damage or failure, are not covered under warranty.

3, for the maintenance of finished goods, warranty or maintenance within 3 months, still enjoy the warranty service.

4, the warranty by the European and American high-quality baby Products Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Europe and the United States to determine whether the best quality parts within the scope of the warranty.

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