Warmly welcome leaders of Weihai Electronic Commerce Association to visit our company!

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abstract:On March 22, 2018, Lu Shaobing, chief of the e-commerce department of the Weihai Electronic Commerce Association, and his 7 people came to omyp to visit us. Mr. Zhang Jun, the CEO ofomyp, attended the reception.

On March 22, 2018, a group of 7 people from the Weihai Electronic Commerce Association Electronic Commerce Branch Lu Shaobing Branch and others visited Europe and the United States to visit us. Mr. Zhang Jun, the CEO of omyp, attended the reception.

Mr. Zhang Jun, CEO ofomyp, receives the guidance of the Weihai Electronic Commerce Association

At the symposium, Mr. Zhang Jun, the CEO, expressed his warm welcome to all the visiting leaders and thanked the association and leaders of various industries for their attention and guidance to excellent products in Europe and America.

Mr. Zhang Jun, CEO of Outsourcing Products of omyp patiently introduced and explained the development status of the company

Afterwards, Mr. Zhang Jun’s main mother-to-child branding projects include: talent team construction, professional and technical innovation, technology introduction, invention patents, product and company awards, industry status and development prospects, etc. The report gave high praise to the company’s focus and results in the maternal and child professional fields.

Mr. Zhang Jun, CEO of omyp, is introducing the multifunctional features of COOGHI

Accompanied by Mr. Zhang Jun, Lu Kechang and his team visited the product sample exhibition of omyp. They deeply recognized the research and development technology of omyp product innovation and the product concept of health and environmental protection. At the same time, they believe that the superior product from omyp is the maternal and child industry. A model company that is well worth learning from.

Mr. Zhang Jun, CEO of omyp, is introducing the use of the JetKids children multifunctional suitcase

Lu Kechang stated thatomyp superior products can always adhere to the promotion of innovation, environmental protection, health products as a mission, in line with the rapid development of the market economy, people's pursuit of health products, can truly people-oriented, production and research and development of safe and healthy non-hazardous products can be market Accepted and praised, and the development of excellent products in omyp has also made a positive and upward driving role for the entire maternal and child industry, which is one of the biggest reasons for the rapid popularity of excellent products in omyp.

Mr. Zhang Jun and the Weihai Electronic Commerce Association visited the party to take part in a group photo

Before leaving, Mr. Zhang Jun, the CEO of omyp, expressed his gratitude and nostalgia to Lv Kechang and his party. He promised that Europe and the United States will continue to seize the frontiers and trends of the market, and always adhere to the people-oriented, health as the source, pay close attention to the product Quality, innovation and research and development of more environmentally friendly, healthy, innovative products, strive to become the leading brand in the maternal and infant industry! At the same time, it actively learns from more outstanding companies, and sincerely hopes that there will be more opportunities for cooperation and exchange between Weihai E-Commerce Association and omyp

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