Company Profile

OMYP is a corporation which specialized in research and development of high-end maternal and baby products and relevant brand management for several years. It located in Shenzhen special economic zone, Guangdong province, and has its own brands like COOGHI, TintZone, etc.

OMYP has dedicated to the exploration and practice of maternal and child brand since the day it started, thus it built a work team with international vision and professional service skills , and established a mature brand management system gradually, became the dark horse in the industry. It has won the prize of Cherry award 2017 the best maternal and child service provider of the year, Demonstration units of China Enterprise innovation 2018, TOP100 Chinese business model innovation 2018, etc.

Its twobrands( COOGHI and TintZone) are also popular high-end brand in the industry. COOGHI and its products has won the prizes of Tillywig Toy Awards Top Fun Winner, The most trusted children brand by parents 2018, The most competitive leading brand of China Maternal and Infant Products 2018, PRE-MAMA FASHION AWARD “FIVE STAR PRODUC”, Cherry award the most potential products of the year 2017, star product award 2017…TintZone e-writing tablet has won the prizes of Tillywig Toy Awards Best Creative Fun Winner, Brand influence education technology product award 2018, Beautiful Angel Award 2018, Best Product Award 2018 , etc.

OMYP’sbrands and its products stick to principles of high quality and high standard, its creative, user-friendly products and service has won the hearts of online to offline customers from all over the world. In the future, OMYP will continue to develop more good products so that every Chinese family is able to use OMYP’s products.

CEO Profile

Zhang Jun - The founder and CEO of OMYP, was honored as “Top Ten Excellent Youth” by Shenzhen Shanxi chamber of Commerce. He is very passionate, and has been focusing his mind on the Maternal and infant industry. He advocates the new concept of parenting and pattern of consumption. He devote himself to the brand operation and the practice of Cross-border maternal and child supply chain management, and wishes every Chinese family have access to high quality products from other countries like European countries and America.

Company history
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
V1.0 Germinated the idea of introducing : 

foreign maternal and child products into China The CEO OF OMYP- Jun Zhang, started to introduce good products from America and European countries into China.

V2.0 Cooperated with maternal and child E-commerce platform: 

OMYP established close business relationship with 6 US maternal and child suppliers and reached a priliminary intent on cooperation with big E-commerce platform...

V3.0 Operated general agent brand: 

OMYP has become exclusive distributor in China on maternal and child brands like JPMBB, Babymerc, Tutek, got the dealerships on Goki, Thinkbaby, and started to ...

V4.0 Created OMYP’s self-owned brand: 

After two years hard work, OMYP has finally produced a multifunction product which is both a scooter and a riding bike, and co-founded the brand COOGHI.

V5.0 Became the leader of maternal and child industry: 

OMYP created the first LCD-e writing tablet brand - TintZone in China, which led to a new technological revolution in this industry.

Enterprise Culture
Working environment
Team Activity
Department Position People numbert Duty position requirement
Operational Department Sales Manager 1 1. Responsible for market development, customer maintenance and sales management;

2. Focus on the development, training and management of agents and distributors;

3. Establish a good strategic partnership with customers to support and assist customers in sales guidance and training;

4. Develop team sales plans, sales targets, organize and lead sales teams to complete sales targets;

5. Assist the sales director to develop an overall sales strategy, sales plan and sales targets.
1. College degree or above, major in marketing, business management, etc.;

2, more than 5 years of sales work experience, more than 2 years of fast-moving consumer goods sales team management work experience;

3, love sales work, strong execution, team spirit, good at challenges, passionate about work;

4. Strong communication, organization and coordination skills, and strong team management skills.
Sales Sales Representative 20 1. Responsible for the promotion and sales of the company's products;

2. Develop a sales plan and visit customers as planned to complete sales targets;

3. Focus on the development, training and management of agents and distributors;

4. Establish a good strategic partnership with customers to support and assist customers in sales guidance and training;

5. Collect and find customer information and establish customer files

1. College degree or above, with sales experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry is preferred;

2. love sales work, have a sense of responsibility, strong execution, strong ability to withstand pressure;

3. with team spirit, good at challenges, passionate about work;

4. strong communication and learning ability, active work, strong professionalism and ambition.