COOGHI is a high-end outdoor brand for kids. The products which cover scooter, balancing bike, walker, and elbow and knee pads, etc.

COOGHI comes from an idea of a father that he wants to create a scooter which is both fun and creative for his kids.

When raising his two kids, this farther noticed that their little space has been piled up with different toys like a scooter, push bike, balance bike... Given the propensity for having a low boredom threshold, kids might get tired of playing it in short time, so he thought: “How cool it would be if there’s a product that can meet all their requirements!” This idea makes him start to work on this product. After two years of design and modification, he finally realized the dreams of making a product for the kids should not only a scooter but also a push bike.

After the success of inventing the 2 in 1 function scooter, this farther kept on working on the development of 3 in 1 function scooter, walker, balance bike and elbow, and knee pads, etc. These products have received the attention of parents and kids worldwide.

COOGHI scooter comes from a farther love, kids always curious about the world, COOGHI scooter wants to be the guardian for the kids to sort out the world, to share every improvement, and encourage them to get closer to the world.

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